Useful Information

Municipal authorities: Muncipal authorities made up of municipal council (31 councilor) and Mayor

Municipality President: Jasmin Imamović

Chairman of the Council: Jozo Nišandžić

Population: about 170,000

Official language: Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian (BCS)

Currency: Convertible Mark BAM (1 EURO = 1,955 KM)

Time zone: CET (UTC+1), Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Public holidays: January 1 (New Year), March 1 (Independence Day), May 1 (Labor Day), November 25 (Statehood Day).

Municipality Day: 2nd October

Mains electricity: Voltage - 220 V

How to get ?

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Tuzla Wireless City: Central part of the city is covered with free internet as part of the Tuzla Wireless City project. Download and upload are limited, and more information can be found at

With regular bus lines Tuzla is connected with all medium and larger towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as major cities in Serbia, Croatia and surroundings. Transporters are held weekly line with Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia with transit through most of the countries of Central Europe (Info Bus station Tuzla tel: +387 35/320 320; 320 310, 280 738, 280 406;

By railroad Tuzla is connected with the port of Ploce (Tuzla - Doboj - Zenica - Sarajevo-Mostar - Ploce), and the District of Brcko and Zvornik (info Railway Station Tuzla +387 35287-940 or

Across the port in Ploce, Split and Dubrovnik (Croatia) there is a good ferry connections with the Italian Adriatic coast. Across the river Sava, ie port of Brcko, there is a connection with the river traffic throughout Europe.

Airport "Dubrava" is 16 km away from the city center and is connected to a solid road communication Tuzla - Exit west – Par selo - Dubrave. In the summer timetable communicates line Tuzla - Frankfurt, and during the year are represented charter flights (info -

Distances between Tuzla and some European cities:

Tuzla - Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 120 km

Tuzla - Zagreb (Cro) 330 km

Tuzla - Belgrade (Serbia) 230 km

Tuzla - Ljubljana (Slovenia) 475 km

Tuzla - Podgorica (Mng) 400 km

Tuzla - Skopje (Mac) 650 km

Tuzla - Vienna (A) 700 km

Tuzla - Berlin (De) 1400 km

Tuzla - Rome (It) 1230 km

Tuzla - Budapest (H) 480 km

Tuzla - Lausanne (Sch) 1280 km

Transportation & Parking

Public transport is linked to two major roads (north – the city and south - the alternative road), where traffic city buses, and taxi service. Ticket price in city driving for the bus is 1 KM (price varies), while the daily ticket for city driving is 3.5 KM, and for all suburban lines (carrier GIPS) is 5 KM. City buses at bus stops coming about every five minutes . Taxi transport is specific compared to other cities in the country, because there is line-taxi service.Taxis traffic along two city roads, travelers receive at bus stops as well as city buses. The price of transportation within the urban part of the city in one direction is 1.5 KM, and for each additional diversion price increases. In addition to this taxi service, taxi service works also per call, and price of the fare is about 5 KM in urban city area. All available parking spaces within the urban area are charged by pay-and-display parking boxes from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m, every day except Sundays. One hour of parking costs 2 KM in zone 0, 1 KM in zone 1 and 0.5 KM in zone 2. Pay-and-display parking boxes accept only coins. Daily ticket in zone 0 is 12 KM. There are several "alternative" parkings, which use the local population.

Prices: Coffee in most cafes and restaurants is 1 KM or 1.5 KM. Juices in service facilities ranging from 2 to 3.5 KM, hard drinks from 2 to 5 KM, beer from 1.5 to 3 KM, bottled beer from 2 KM (domestic) to 4 KM (foreign beer ). Hamburger is 2-3 KM, sandwich is from 1 to 1.5 KM and ‘ćevapi’  from 2.5 to 5.5 KM. Entrance to the discos and clubs cost 3-5 KM, and outdoor swimming pools and Pannonian Lake is 2-3 KM.

Banks and ATMs: Most banks have offices in the center of town, and exchange one currency for another currency is done exclusively in banks. Standard working week is Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 1 pm. Banks are closed on Sundays. ATMs are located within bank branches, as well as within other stores in the city center and beyond.


Coverage in Tuzla is high-quality for all three BH operators for mobile telephony (061,062,063,065,066). During the summer, operators offer numbers for tourist with limited validity period at very low prices. Telephone boothes are operated exclusively by phone cards that can be purchased at kiosks and branches of Post and BH Telecom.

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